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About Errepi Distribuzione

Today companies’ needs have changed, as well as the services and the software applications that IT systems have to handle: real-time and secure integration with different data sources; data exchange with other systems via cloud services; utilization of touch-screen devices of all types and sizes to make users able to work from any location. For all this and much more you can contact Errepi Distribuzione.

Since 1984 Errepi Distribuzione has operated in the Information Technology industry, developing software and providing hardware solutions. For over 30 years Errepi Distribuzione has helped professionals and companies improve their performance by offering a full suite of products and services ranging from technology consulting to software development, from security services to ERP softwares, including its proprietary software IPV5, specifically designed for the retail industry.

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Our Key Softwares


Revolutionize your retail business

IPV5 is a high-quality and cost-effective software application that helps retailers worldwide to optimize their business performance, boost revenues and satisfy customers.

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Speed up the table service

Smart Menu will help you to speed up the table service, making it a unique experience for your customers and staff. A technological, actual, engaging, efficient and simple to use software application.

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The ERP that protects your investments

Designed for companies of all sizes, ACG software is modular, scalable and easy to integrate. ACG software consists of an ecosystem of applications that offer various solutions to tackle various business issues across various industries.

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The flexible and modular ERP system

ALYANTE Enterprise is the integrated solution that supports all business processes. Modular and flexible, Alyante is perfectly customizable according to the Italian regulations and any business needs.

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Easy management of WiFi hotspots

Cloud4Wi is an innovative solution to create WiFi hotspots, extremely easy to manage thanks to an intuitive control panel based on Cloud architecture. It can be integrated with market leaders access points and controllers.

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Manage and Retain Your Customers

VTE is the first CRM Enterprise Solution for small and large enterprises. VTE has very low license costs and it can be easily integrated with ERP software such as Zucchetti, TeamSystem, and IBM.

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Why Errepi Distribuzione?

Consulting, Software development and technical support, always at your service



We are active in the Italian and international market since more than 30 years, with clients in different industries and geographies.

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We offer the latest generation of hardware and software applications to help your business becoming more competitive.

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Since our foundation we have received several awards from both our partners and customers.

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Our Service

AdHoc Revolution

ERP software for small / middle enterprises
Maggiori Dettagli

AdHoc Yala

ERP for dairy products/ meat enterprises
Maggiori Dettagli


For your network and contents’ security
Maggiori Dettagli


The innovative Business Intelligence solution
Maggiori Dettagli

Venue Access Control

Automated system to monitor events’ entries
Maggiori Dettagli


Monitoring employees’ time and attendance
Maggiori Dettagli


The mail server for small to large enterprises
Maggiori Dettagli

Smart Menù

Revolutionize your table service
Maggiori Dettagli


Your e-cart fully synchronized with IPV5
Maggiori Dettagli

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Our Customer

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We are always available to help you understand what is the best solution for your business. Feel free to contact our team to receive precise recommendations tailored to your specific needs.